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Our suite of solutions available to hospitals and hospital outpatient departments allows you to easily and accurately communicate with patients throughout the entire continuum of care.

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The patient experience no longer starts when they step inside your hospital’s door on the day of their procedure. It now begins weeks or months prior from the moment their provider decides they need surgery.

Keeping patients engaged and informed from that initial decision is critical to their overall experience with your hospital, so the more you can communicate, be transparent, and set expectations, the happier the patients, their families, and your staff will be. Through text, your hospital should be communicating with patients their pre-assessment questionnaires, pre-op instructions, NPO reminders, and other vital information.

Part of that upfront communication must focus on price transparency. Patients who receive their bill in advance, understand their bill, and are presented with payment options are more likely to pay in advance and in full. Not only is this best practice, but it is also required by law now due to CMS’ Final Rule and the No Surprises Act. By using our solutions, hospitals will comply with the No Surprises Act.

HST Pathways has two solutions to help hospitals and HOPDs. Learn more below.




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We have a handful of different solutions that can be used independently, but to make it simple and to make sure you get the most out of our solutions, we combined them into three different industry-leading bundles. You’ll be using the best of the best and you’ll pay a little less!

HST Home serves as your launching pad for everything HST – bringing you a more elevated, premier user experience and giving you access to a fast, simple, single-sign on solution for you and your care team. HST Home comes standard with all of our products.

HST Case Coordination (formerly Casetabs) gives you real-time access to the important information you need to serve your patients. The practices you work with, as well as your staff, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and vendors, will always be in the loop.

HST Price Transparency fully manages the process of automatically calculating accurate, financial estimates for your scheduled patients. You’ll also be able to put a calculator on your ASC’s website to empower patients to create their own estimates.

“Our date of service collections is up 175% and our average A/R is below 30 days for the first time in our history.”

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