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Provide your patients with accurate financial estimates – no more surprises.

HST Price Transparency is an estimation solution that fully manages the process of calculating financial estimates in advance of surgery with 98% accuracy.

HST Price Transparency is the ultimate solution for determining patient and payor responsibility in advance of surgery.


Within minutes, you’ll be able to calculate an accurate patient estimate, deliver the estimate to your patient via text or email, and immediately connect patients to payment options.

Clariti is our Patient Estimation tool for your staff to create quotes for scheduled patients. By using Clariti, you’ll immediately comply with the No Surprises Act.

Catalyst is our web-based Cost Estimator for prospective patients and surgeon practices to use. A link can be put directly on your facility’s website to empower patients to create their own financial estimates.


Here’s how HST Price Transparency helps.

Improve Upfront Collections
Save Valuable Time
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Comply with the No Surprises Act

Improve Upfront Collections


When patients feel like a surgery center is being proactive and transparent about cost, they are more likely to pay in full and upfront. By generating easy to read, accurate financial estimates with clear line items, patients become empowered and are comfortable paying their fair share of the bill. HST Price Transparency allows you to do just that and will help improve upfront collections.

Save Valuable Time


When you are forced to generate financial estimates by hand, you are wasting so much valuable time. An outpatient facility in Utah used to spend 10 hours a week manually calculating patient estimates. With HST Price Transparency, they can now do it in 15 minutes.

Improve Patient Satisfaction


Historically, the financial element of having surgery has been highly stressful for patients. In many cases, patients put off having life-improving procedures because they cannot understand what it will cost them. This causes significant tension between patients, providers, staff, payors, and everyone in between. By using a solution like HST Price Transparency, you’ll be able to ease these tensions and ultimately have happier patients.

Comply with the No Surprises Act


The No Surprises Act went into effect January 1, 2022, and there are a lot of changes that ASCs need to make in order to comply. From disclosures to insurance verification to good faith estimates, HST Price Transparency has all the necessary elements built-in to help you immediately comply.

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“Our date of service collections are up 175% and A/R is below 30 days for the first time in our history.”

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