HST is helping ASCs address the requirements of the No Surprises Billing Act and additional state requirements.

For a limited time, HST is offering Clariti Essentials at no cost.

HST’s Clariti Essentials allows ASCs to full comply with the No Surprises Act and similar state-specific requirements.

The details surrounding the No Surprises Act are complicated and frequently changing. Between generating Good Faith Estimates, avoiding the Independent Dispute Resolution Process, knowing what to put on your website, and everything else – it is certainly overwhelming. HST is helping ASCs manage the burden of compliance by offering Clariti Essentials at no cost for a limited time.

Fill out the form to begin your journey to compliance and cost transparency. There is no cost and you may cancel at any time. HST does 100% of the setup and maintenance and, once complete, your staff can simply begin using Clariti with a few minutes of training.

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Why HST?

HST is a national leader in price transparency, providing millions of patients each year with accurate and easy to understand explanations of their financial responsibility. ASCs that utilize Clariti achieve staff efficiency, improved financial performance, increased surgeon and patient satisfaction, and full compliance.