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Clinical charting that enables faster,
safer, and smarter ASC EHR documentation.

Synchronizing clinical efficiencies with business objectives


Introducing a new EHR framework that unifies core ASC objectives of maximizing patient safety, while leveraging cost saving processes. Seamless integration to the practice management system leveraging a single database design spanning the care continuum from scheduling, charting, billing, and supply chain management.

HSTpathways introduces the next generation of ASC EHR software that has been designed entirely for the Ambulatory Surgery Center setting. The charting needs and workflow for the electronic health record in an outpatient surgery center is distinctly different from the needs of a physician practice EMR as well as a complex hospital system's EHR. With that in mind, HST eChart was designed by clinicians for clinicians specifically in the ASC setting.

Collaboration, speed, and flexibility are the pillars of HST eChart. HSTpathways is the first to introduce an ASC EHR that allows concurrent charting at all times in all areas of the patient care documentation process provided the user has permissions. This advantage enables clinicians to continue documenting the patient experience in a concurrent manner without having to wait on other's to complete their tasks electronically. Our LiveEditTM technology will show, in real time, all updates to the patient chart being made by any logged in user, providing real-time communication about patient care activities, potentials risks, and treatment indicators.

An ASC's success is often dependent on the efficiency and rapid turnaround of surgical cases. HST eChart provides the necessary tools for nurses to QuickChartTM non-patient specific information about the case performed. Compliance is achieved by eliminating any pre-charting of data, and the nurse's charting is significantly faster with this capability.

Another pillar of the HST eChart is flexibility. In a paper chart environment, unforeseen changes to a case are easily adapted by way of adding new or different pages to the surgical case chart. HST eChart has the flexibility to adapt to those unforeseen changes electronically with just the click of a button. The electronic charts, are uniquely designed to allow for the unique documentation requirements down to each procedure and per physician. Additionally, when non-routine events occur during a patient surgical visit, the nursing staff is able to immediately add the data and charting elements required to accommodate the event.

An ASC EHR designed by clinicians for clinicians

Collaboration, speed, and flexibility throughout the care documentation process.

Real-time data sharing

of patient information among clinicians, easy access to case costing and staff utilization, and immediate drug/drug and drug/allergy checking

True Concurrent Charting

that allows for multiple users to access and chart on a single patient simultaneously with LiveEditTM technology to visualize and communicate changes made to all users accessing that chart.

Consistent Navigation

that is intuitive and simple eases the transition for new users and virtually eliminates duplicate data entry throughout the care documentation flow

Flexible Configuration

allows the facility to assign select users the permissions to tailor the electronic chart by procedure and physician to match the facility's preferred workflow without the need to for HST's involvement.

Chart Completion Status

indicators throughout to ensure regulatory compliance for timely chart completion and easy identification of incomplete charts

Optimized Clinical Processes

empowering leadership easily identifying clinical staff competencies and workflow opportunities as well as streamlines the supply usage data for accurate case costing and materials management tracking

Watch our video on ASC EHR

See how the power of leveraging the data captured in preference cards drastically reduces the time for clinicians to chart of patients. Leveraging the preference card also ensures the supply chain is optimized at all times for the best case costing possible. One database for the practice management and electronic chart unifies the best of all processes for maximum efficiencies in the Ambulatory Surgery Center.


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HSTpathways offers a full suite of software solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The full suite of solutions has a cloud-based architecture which offers a stable, reliable environment that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

HSTpathways ASC Software

HST pathways ASC Surgery Software system encompasses all of the features and functionality needed to efficiently operate an outpatient surgery center. The application includes surgical scheduling, supply chain management, insurance and patient billing, accounts receivable collections, and state reporting.

HST pathways ASC Software

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HST anesthesia practice management software specifically designed for practice revenue cycle management. HST anesthesia can accommodate all of the billing, collections, and quality reporting requirements and seamlessly works in concert with HST pathways ASC software to maximize data sharing and rapid anesthesia billing.

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HST eChart ASC EHR software

HST eChart ASC EHR software offers real-time data sharing, flexible configuration, true concurrent charting, chart completion status, consistent navigation, and optimized clinical practice. Collaboration, speed, and flexibility are the pillars of HST eChart designed entirely for the Ambulatory Surgery Center setting.

HST eChart software