Let’s kick your paper habit.

HST eChart is a fully customizable electronic charting software providing you with easy, real-time access to data, allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time charting.

HST eChart is our electronic charting software inspired, designed, and built by clinicians like you.


HST eChart is designed for charting on tablets, laptops, and desktops. It’s highly configurable and provides you with easy, real- time access to data.

Make paper charting a thing of the past so your ASC can operate at peak performance.

• Enhance clinical workflow and efficiencies

• Maximize collaboration, speed, and flexibility

• Share real-time knowledge and information

• Optimize patient care and satisfaction


Here’s how HST eChart helps.

Increase speed to revenue
True concurrent charting
Enhance clinical workflows
100% chart completion

Increase speed to revenue


An ASC’s success is often dependent on the efficiency and rapid turnaround of surgical cases. With paper heavy charting methods, ASCs get bogged down with slow, inefficient processes which delay payment. With HST eChart, speed, collaboration, and flexibility are built-in every step away, ultimately increasing your ASC’s speed to revenue.

True concurrent charting


HST Pathways was the first to introduce an ASC EHR that allows concurrent charting at all times, in all areas of the patient care documentation process. This advantage enables clinicians to continue documenting the patient experience in a concurrent manner without having to wait on others to complete their tasks electronically. Our LiveEdit™ technology shows—in real time—all updates to the patient chart being made by any logged-in user, providing ongoing collaboration about patient care activities, potential risks, and treatment indicators.

Enhance clinical workflows


Patient safety is improved when clinicians can make immediate procedure or treatment changes based on another clinician’s documentation.

100% chart completion


HST eChart has built-in indicators that guarantee regulatory compliance for timely chart completion and allow you to easily identify incomplete charts. With these indicators, ASCs will always know the current status of a patient’s chart, including any manual task assignments such as patient calls or charts for peer review. Through automated tasks based on pre-determined triggers, you’ll also be able to receive alerts for review of lab results, required operative reports, and more.

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