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Tom has over 30 years of IT experience and developed many business applications during that period.  He was the founder of Surgicenter Information Systems (SIS) in 1989, one of the first software solutions dedicated to the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) industry. SIS quickly became the dominant and leading vendor. By 2001, SIS had over 600 surgery center installations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Guam. In March of 2001, Tom sold SIS to Source Medical Solutions and remained on as their Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer until 2003. 

From 2004 to 2005, Tom broadened his knowledge and experience by joining Ascent Partners which developed and managed ambulatory surgery centers. 

In 2005, Tom Hui founded HST (Healthcare Systems and Technology) and is headquartered in Lafayette, CA. HST continues to be the "gold standard" in ASC software today and now includes solutions for effective ASC management, anesthesia revenue cycle management, and ASC specific electronic health record.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Biology, a B.S. in Biology, as well as a B.S. in Psychology. In addition to his work, Tom is committed to education and actively supports Students Rising Above, a non-profit organization that helps high school students achieve their goal of attending college.

Tom Scott

Chief Financial Officer

Tom brings over 25 years of healthcare experience in areas of finance, operations, acquisitions, and development. As a founding partner of Ascent Surgical Partners, he served in several executive roles during his twelve years with the company. Tom brings valuable insight thorough his direct experience with surgery center operations, revenue cycle management, and financial reporting.

Tom was also a co-founder of Physicians Healthcare Corporation, a physician practice and ancillary management company, with responsibility for operations, acquisitions, and development. He worked closely with physicians in the operation and management of their private practice.

After receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Tennessee Technological University, Tom started his career in public accounting as a CPA with a regional public accounting firm.

Tara Vail has served in a broad range of healthcare leadership roles over the course of her career including revenue cycle management, financial operations, data analytics, business development, marketing, and sales.  She has a deep knowledge of both the ambulatory and hospital market segments and has worked on both for both healthcare providers as well as healthcare IT vendors. Tara began her career in the ASC industry by working at Surgery Partners where she was responsible for the revenue cycle as well as selecting, implementing an unifying the the disparate ASC information systems into one enterprise solution.

Tara is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  She received her MBA from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Harry Yee

Chief Technical Officer

Harry has over 25 years of experience in application software development. His first 10 years were spent at Citibank developing various large scale projects. In 1994, Harry joined Surgicenter Information Systems as Vice President and Senior Software Engineer to lead the development of SIS, a Windows based Client-Server product for surgery centers.

He has served as the Chief Technical Officer of HST since its inception in 2005 and has been instrumental in the architectural design of the cloud-based solution.  Harry continues to lead the development teams for all 3 product lines.

Harry received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the UC Berkeley and his Masters of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Chris Beavor

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Chris is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HST and plays a pivotal role in enabling current and future customers to realize the full potential of their outpatient facilities. Chris's primary focus is providing these facilities with the world's most advanced IT solutions and services.

Chris came to HSTpathways from Eclipsys Corporation in December 2005 where he was Vice President of Alternate Care Markets. Under Chris's management, Eclipsys devised a specific set of solutions tailored for the outpatient market and surgical hospitals. In addition, Chris worked closely with leading physicians in the United States to implement best practices, improve workflows, and develop content within the Eclipsys applications. He was responsible for marketing the entire suite of clinical and financial applications and integrating them into an enterprise environment.

Chris has extensive capabilities in building brands and providing customers with a steady, consistent commitment to quality. Prior to joining Eclipsys, he served as Associate Vice President of Sales at Source Medical Solutions. For over 20 years he has held sales and strategic direction roles that have seen him enter new market sectors, grow market share and assist in the development efforts for leading technology firms.

Karlene Ochoa

Senior Vice President, Operations

Karlene came to HSTpathways with over 20 years of hands-on experience in Information Systems, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare Applications, and Technical Services.  She spent 10 of those years as Director of Customer Service and Hardware/Network Services for two major healthcare software companies.  Karlene began her career in the ASC industry by working in a Northwest surgery center for 6 years where she was responsible for selecting and implementing their first information system.  Subsequently, she joined Surgicenter Information Systems and helped SIS become the leading provider of application software and services to the ASC industry.

Stephen Rolka

Vice President, Professional Services

Stephen has over 20 years experience in application software technical services and support. Prior to HSTpathways, Stephen was Director of Technical Solutions for a telecommunications expense management company serving Fortune 1000 companies. Stephen also spent over 11 years with major healthcare software companies as Director of Support or Technical Services for their outpatient surgery divisions including Surgicenter Information Systems.

Stephen graduated from the College of the Holy Cross where he received a BA. He also has a MS in Education and an MBA in Operations Management from Suffolk University and CUNY respectively.