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Tom Hui is Founder and CEO of HSTpathways, a top ranked software solutions company for the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) industry. As founder of two of the industry’s most valuable technology companies, Hui’s innovations have been helping ASCs enhance patient outcomes, improve operational efficiencies and optimize revenue cycle management for more than 30 years. Hui is a key contributor to the strategic growth of the ASC industry through his foundational technologies and he helped shape the industry through critical transformation periods. His technical leadership has been very influential in leading the ASC industry through three technology cycles:  DOS, Client-Server, and now, Cloud-based deployments.

In 2005, Hui founded HSTpathways, a provider of cloud-based solutions for ASCs. Hui saw that the emerging cloud computing technology could be leveraged to simplify software deployment and management, enhance security, and support enterprise-wide scalability for ASCs. HSTpathways’ cloud-based ASC solutions have since been adopted by more than 700 facilities, including industry heavyweights such as Optum’s Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), Surgery Partners, Northwell Health and Sutter Health. HSTpathways was named Category Leader for Ambulatory Surgical Center Solutions in the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report.

Tom Hui created Surgicenter Information Systems (SIS) when the ASC industry was still in its infancy. SIS was an on-premise, ASC practice management software that revolutionized the industry in the early 1990’s by facilitating and automating ASC workflows. Hui later sold the company in 2001, but SIS lives on today as a legacy client-server software system.

Hui has continued to support ASCs with innovative software, including HSTeChart, an electronic health record (EHR) system specifically designed to align with ASC workflow. HSTeChart includes groundbreaking features such as concurrent charting which raises the bar for improving patient safety.

Hui’s depth of experience in the ASC industry, his commitment to excellence in software design and his passion for providing exceptional customer service have made him one of today’s most trusted figures in the field of ASC software solutions.

Hui holds an MBA, a Master’s degree in Biology, a B.S. in Biology, and a B.S. in Psychology.

Tom Scott

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Scott is the Chief Financial Officer of HSTpathways. Scott joined HSTpathways as CFO in 2014. He has played a key role in overseeing HSTpathways’ year-over-year, double-digit growth over the past four years. HSTpathways’ software solutions are now used in more than 700 ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the United States.  Because of Tom’s leadership, the company now has most of the country’s leading ASCs as clients. In addition, he has helped to double HST’s employee workforce.

As with the other members of the HSTpathways’ leadership team, Scott’s broad experience in the industry helps to align HSTpathways’ solutions with the unique needs of the ASC industry. Scott brings more than 25 years of experience in the outpatient surgery center industry to his role as CFO. Prior to joining HSTpathways, he was Vice President of Development and Operations at Surgical Management Professionals, where he oversaw strategic development and operations for surgery centers.

Before that, Scott served dual financial and operational roles as a founding partner of Ascent Surgical Partners, an outpatient surgery center development and management company. At ASP he oversaw budgeting, financial planning and analysis and forecasting for new acquisitions and new business lines. Scott also has experience in financial reporting, risk management and general accounting. His background includes serving as Controller for a surgical corporation and working as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for a regional public accounting firm.   

As CFO, Scott also provides oversight for HSTpathways’ sales team. He works with the team to ensure that though the relationship between HSTpathways and a potential customer may begin with the sales effort, it doesn’t end there. Ongoing customer support and satisfaction is a key pillar of HSTpathways’ customer commitment. As CFO, Scott is equally as dedicated to supporting continuing customer satisfaction as he is to facilitating HSTpathways’ overall financial growth, development and stability. 

Scott holds a B.S. in Accounting from Tennessee Technological University.

Tara Vail is the Chief Operating Officer of HSTpathways, the top-ranked software solutions company for the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) industry. As COO, Vail is responsible for training, support, marketing and product management. She has deep expertise in helping healthcare organizations leverage information technology to improve operational efficiency and optimize revenue cycle management.

Vail has been helping ASCs implement HSTpathways’ innovative suite of solutions since 2014. During her tenure, HSTpathways’ client base has increased 250 percent. Prior to joining HSTpathways, Vail served as Director of Revenue Cycle, and later as Vice President of Finance Operations, for Surgery Partners, LLC. While at Surgery Partners, Vail oversaw the selection and implementation of a unified ASC practice management system (HSTpathways). Prior to the implementation of HSTpathways, Surgery Partners used several different practice management systems across its various ambulatory surgery centers. Vail leveraged the implementation of a single, ASC-focused practice management system to improve workflow, facilitate operations, standardize reporting and enhance the management of financial processes across the organization.

In addition to her accomplishments in the ASC industry, Vail also has experience with information technology solutions for diagnostic imaging. Her background includes providing consultative expertise to acute care hospitals and independent diagnostic treatment facilities (IDTFs) about industry product requirements and best practices related to radiology information system (RIS) solutions including RIS, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), business intelligence, reporting and mammography.      

Vail’s breadth of experience in healthcare finance (revenue cycle management, case costing, payer contracting, claims and billing, supply chain management, inventory control, reporting) added to her expertise in information technology (software development, IT implementation processes, cloud deployment, device integration) combine to make her an invaluable resource in the ASC industry.

Vail was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the California Ambulatory Surgery Association (CASA), one of the largest state-based ASC associations in the country.  

Vail holds an MBA from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and a B.S. in Psychology.

Harry Yee

Chief Technical Officer

Harry has over 25 years of experience in application software development. His first 10 years were spent at Citibank developing various large scale projects. In 1994, Harry joined Surgicenter Information Systems as Vice President and Senior Software Engineer to lead the development of SIS, a Windows based Client-Server product for surgery centers.

He has served as the Chief Technical Officer of HST since its inception in 2005 and has been instrumental in the architectural design of the cloud-based solution.  Harry continues to lead the development teams for all 3 product lines.

Harry received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the UC Berkeley and his Masters of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Chris Beavor

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Chris is Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for HST and plays a pivotal role in enabling current and future customers to realize the full potential of their outpatient facilities. Chris's primary focus is providing these facilities with the world's most advanced IT solutions and services.

Chris came to HSTpathways from Eclipsys Corporation in December 2005 where he was Vice President of Alternate Care Markets. Under Chris's management, Eclipsys devised a specific set of solutions tailored for the outpatient market and surgical hospitals. In addition, Chris worked closely with leading physicians in the United States to implement best practices, improve workflows, and develop content within the Eclipsys applications. He was responsible for marketing the entire suite of clinical and financial applications and integrating them into an enterprise environment.

Chris has extensive capabilities in building brands and providing customers with a steady, consistent commitment to quality. Prior to joining Eclipsys, he served as Associate Vice President of Sales at Source Medical Solutions. For over 20 years he has held sales and strategic direction roles that have seen him enter new market sectors, grow market share and assist in the development efforts for leading technology firms.

Karlene Ochoa

Senior Vice President, Operations

Karlene came to HSTpathways with over 20 years of hands-on experience in Information Systems, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare Applications, and Technical Services.  She spent 10 of those years as Director of Customer Service and Hardware/Network Services for two major healthcare software companies.  Karlene began her career in the ASC industry by working in a Northwest surgery center for 6 years where she was responsible for selecting and implementing their first information system.  Subsequently, she joined Surgicenter Information Systems and helped SIS become the leading provider of application software and services to the ASC industry.

Stephen Rolka

Vice President, Professional Services

Stephen has over 20 years experience in application software technical services and support. Prior to HSTpathways, Stephen was Director of Technical Solutions for a telecommunications expense management company serving Fortune 1000 companies. Stephen also spent over 11 years with major healthcare software companies as Director of Support or Technical Services for their outpatient surgery divisions including Surgicenter Information Systems.

Stephen graduated from the College of the Holy Cross where he received a BA. He also has a MS in Education and an MBA in Operations Management from Suffolk University and CUNY respectively.