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Offering patients the convenience and security of an online pre-admission process means less phone time for nurses and more time for patient care, keeping both staff and patients happy.

Why Patient Pre-Assessment?

Consumers expect a seamless online experience for everything that they do. They want to manage their responsibilities from their phone, and these expectations do not change when it comes to medical care. Offering your patients the option to complete their pre-visit screening and registration online has become virtually non-negotiable.

With Simple Admit Pre-Assessment, you can exceed these patient expectations while improving efficiencies for your staff and your facility’s bottom line.

Benefits include:

  • Better patient experiences with added convenience and access to updated information, easier pre-visit intake processes, and improved care team communication.
  • Simplified patient pre-admission workflows that provide more accurate patient data collection and reduce the risk of cancellations.
  • Customizable solution with industry-leading patient compliance addressing all aspects of patient pre-visit screening and registration.

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Why use HST’s Value Added Partners?

As leaders in pre-assessment, we care deeply about the integrity and value of the pre-admission process. The pre-admission process is one of the patient’s first touchpoints with your ASC, so it must be flawless, convenient, and secure. Simple Admit has mastered that process, and now we’ve taken it one step further by seamlessly integrating a Value-Added Partner program that provides immense benefits to both staff and patients.

How does it work?

During the pre-admission process, if the patient meets specific criteria that need further attention (ex. family history of colon cancer before 50), they will be asked if they would like to connect with a third party for additional screening and education. These prompts are straightforward, easy to follow, and non-disruptive. Most patients won’t even see the prompts as they won’t qualify. This program has been in place for well over a year with hundreds of ASCs.

Benefits include:

  • Demonstrate that you care about your patient’s overall wellbeing and health
  • Start detecting any potential health concerns in advance of DOS
  • Maintain the highest patient safety protocols possible
  • Integrate patient education into your pre-admissions process

Keep reading the blog to learn more about our value added partners.

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