An award-winning RCM platform and Practice Management Solution.

Two leading companies. One clear vision for your success.

HST Pathways partners with Waystar to create a seamless exchange of claim, remit, and eligibility information without ever having to leave HST Practice Management. Through this partnership, you get truly groundbreaking technology that helps you automate workflows, empower your team, and bring in more revenue, more quickly.

By using HST Practice Management + Waystar together, clients experience a 99.1% clean claim rate the first time a claim is submitted.

Exceptional Results

Harness the power of your data: access accurate data in seconds, generate easy-to-understand reports, and get actionable insights across your entire revenue cycle.

Client support you can rely on: access world-class, in-house client support from both HST Pathways and Waystar.

Patient payments made easy: offer your patients simple electronic statements and flexible payment options while improving your upfront payments and lowering collection costs.

Automate claim status checks: remove the time-consuming process of manually checking the status of a claim by automating claim monitoring.

Denial Management made easy: effortlessly manage, appeal, and prevent denials to lower your cost to collect and ensure less revenue slips through the cracks.

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