Get on the same page without using a page.

HST Case Coordination (formerly Casetabs) gives you real-time access to the important information you need to serve your patients. We make sure you’re always in the loop!

Say goodbye to faxes, missed appointments, and workflow bottlenecks.


HST Case Coordination is a surgery coordination and communication app that automates the scheduling experience and keeps everyone updated in real-time.

• Increase case volume by sharing available OR times.

• Save time on data entry by automating scheduling and communication tasks.

• Improve patient safety by keeping care teams on the same page.

• Reduce case cancellations by 15% with 2-way patient texting.


Here’s how HST Case Coordination helps.

Increase staff efficiency
Take better care of patients
Use your time better

Increase staff efficiency


Real-time visibility to add-on changed and canceled cases enables staff to respond quickly and significantly lessen the number of communication points via text, email, phone, and word of mouth for any changes to those cases. In other words, no more “telephone game.”

Take better care of patients


HST Case Coordination creates a central hub for sharing case information and updates between surgeons, anesthesiologists, clinical staff, office staff, and vendor reps. The app reduces the likelihood of missing or inaccurate patient information, unnecessary errors, and overall communication breakdown.

Use your time better


Having access to case updates right when they happen makes the day of tactical communication easier by improving inter-department connectivity so that all departments can perform their roles more efficiently. The digital surgery boards unite departments to increase collaboration, emphasize teamwork, and share decision making.

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“After implementing HST Case Coordination, we were able to save 205 hours per month between the front office staff and nursing staff!”

Sue, Admin, Branford Surgery Center






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