Don’t let your products get lonely.

Our solutions can be used independently – but the magic really happens when you use them alongside one another. Not only will you be using the best solutions together, you’ll also pay a little less!

Running and growing an ASC requires seamlessly managing many moving parts. We got you covered.


HST Pathways offers the most complete solution on the market that allows ASCs to truly manage the entire case lifecycle all in one place – from booking patients to post-surgery recovery and everything in between.

To make it simple, we have combined our solutions into three different industry-leading bundles that will help you:

• Book more cases
• Get paid faster
• Provide better patient, physician, and staff experiences

Why Go with a Bundled Solution?

Most ASCs use a dozen or so vendors and solutions to help them run their day-to-day business. Managing those contracts, relationships, and functionality not only gets overwhelming but it also leaves major gaps in what should be a seamless process. It causes information silos, slow processes, and inefficiencies.

Our bundles tie everything together, providing all the tools you need, all together, all in one place. Our bundles bring you from chaos to calm.

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What ASCs Can Learn from Top Gun

What ASCs Can Learn from Top Gun

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