Increase your patient payments by 30%

HST’s patient estimating tools give physicians accurate digital patient estimates and proactive payment collection increasing practice profits.

HST Price Transparency has processed over $10 billion in pre-service estimates, including surgeon professional fees, facility and implant costs, and anesthesia costs.

Physicians easily increase revenue using patient estimating technology.

New technology and healthcare regulations have created undeniable benefits for providers and practices who embrace them. By meeting new patient expectations and providing accurate pre-care estimation, you will benefit from increased revenue, happier patients and staff, and improved business office efficiency.

Patients are already shopping around, and it’s easy to keep them happy. Customers using our patient estimating products have seen 10% of prospective patients who request an estimate convert to surgical cases within 60 days. Upfront costs and payment collection are better for business.

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Patient consumers are here to stay.

Would you ever get on a plane without knowing exactly how much your airfare was? Or would you ever order a dining room set online before seeing and approving a breakdown of what the table, chairs, delivery, and setup fees were going to cost? The answer is no.

As consumers, we are accustomed to knowing exactly what something is going to cost prior to committing to it. Seems like common sense, right? This is normal and expected in all aspects of our lives except for when it comes to healthcare – but not any longer. The patient mindset has changed and so has their expectations.

With options and research at their fingertips, patients are no longer willing to roll the dice when it comes to their bills. Patient responsibility is approaching 30%, so educated patients are seeking cost information prior to scheduling procedures.

Plus, by providing patient estimates prior to the date of service, you’re more likely to get paid quickly and in advance of surgery.

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Price transparency is the new status quo.

Patients, along with federal and state governments, are demanding change. Federal and state legislatures are enforcing fair billing laws, with only more to come. Patients are becoming accustomed to clear pricing and payment options with their healthcare. More and more patients expect clear estimates for physician services.

It’s easy when you use HST Price Transparency! Give your patients accurate and fast estimates that will keep your profits growing.

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Our industry-leading estimation and authorization tool, HST Price Transparency, increases patient payment collection by 30% and costs less than $1.50 per patient.

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