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HSTpathways donates ambulatory surgery center (ASC) software to support SCA Medical Missions

(Lafayette, CA) – For the past two years, Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) has partnered with Holy Family Surgery Center (HFSC) in Honduras to provide safe, high-quality and affordable surgical care to Honduran patients. Beginning in 2017, the partnership will benefit from HSTpathways’ donation of cloud-based, surgery center management software and hosting support, which will enable the partnership to manage surgery center services more effectively.

“We are focused on making our surgery center in Honduras the best-practice surgical medical missions program globally,” said Claire Cunningham, Executive Director of SCA Medical Missions. “We are so grateful for HSTpathways’ contribution and support, because it will help us manage and track SCA Medical Missions’ patient population in a much more seamless, efficient and effective way.”

HFSC is an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) located near the Honduras capital of city of Tegucigalpa. The surgery center includes three operating rooms, three specialty clinic rooms and seven overnight recovery rooms. The Center is staffed year-round with one Honduran orthopedic surgeon and Honduran support staff. Several times each year, the SCA Medical Missions program sends Brigades of volunteers – including surgeons in various specialties – to enhance the scope and volume of the surgical services provided at the Center.

The Center maintains a list of nearly 3,000 patients waiting for clinical consultations and 1,000 patients waiting for scheduled surgeries. As demand for services has increased, the partnership needed a better way to manage surgery center operations.  “Historically, recordkeeping had been done with a combination of written charts, spreadsheets and low-budget software,” said Cunningham. “We haven’t had an integrated system for scheduling patients and tracking their data as well as our services.”

With the donation of HSTpathways software, the Center will be able to run operations more efficiently, track individual patient outcomes, and produce accurate reports on the program’s overall outcomes and impact. “We are incredibly grateful that HSTpathways chose to partner with us,” said Cunningham.

HSTpathways recently published a white paper which details how HSTpathways’ specialized ambulatory surgery center software is being used to advance the mission of the partnership between Holy Family Surgery Center and the SCA Medical Mission program. The white paper is now available, click here to download. 

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