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The latest version of HSTpathways comes with some exciting new enhancements!  We have built in a Patient Responsibility Estimator to help you inform your patients of what they should expect to be financially responsible for.  In addition to that, we have add a comprehensive HIPAA Audit Log to the application which includes robust reporting and full visibility to whom has accessed the patient record as well as which patient health information (PHI) a particular user touched in the application.  There are many more new enhancements that come with Version 7, we encourage all of our users to login in the User Community Portal at and download the release notes for a complete listing.

In order to enjoy all the exciting things that Version 7 has to offer, please review the prerequisites below.  Microsoft has stopped supporting certain versions of software making it difficult for us to support and continue ongoing testing of older versions.  If you are compliant with these 3 prerequisites, you are ready to upgrade!

HSTpathways v7.0 Release Prerequisites:  

  1. Workstations OS minimum of Windows 7, anything greater such as Win 8, 8.1 is supported.  XP operating systems are no longer supported due to .NET requirements.
  2. Server 2008 and Server 2012 required. Server 2003 is no longer supported due to .NET requirements.
  3. Software Prerequisites .NET 4.5 sp1 at a minimum is required to run HSTpathways 7.0.  This can and should be downloaded and applied prior to the update.  HSTpathways current release version is still compatible with latest .NET versions.  NOTE:  If your center applies the Microsoft updates regularly you will likely already have the .NET 4.5 sp 1 with those updates.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly support team at 800.290.4078 ext. 3, or email them that


The HST Team