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Feb 27, 2015 | Author: Hanna Park

Competition has never been fiercer and it has become necessary for every company and business to fight tooth and nail for every inch of that customer share. A well-built product, a good marketing plan, and maximum use of the internet and search tools are playing an increasingly crucial role in helping businesses and individuals achieve their objectives. Additionally, websites these days not only are there to help you acquire new customers but it also needs to service existing customers.

For that reason, we created a website tailored specifically for our customers. The HSTpathways Community Portal website offers various Online Training Modules, Online Webinar Updates, posting of Events, and a Community Forum where users can post comments or questions about HSTpathways and its features & functions. Furthermore, users can interact and solicit advice directly to other users from around the country.

The more active the community the better it is for the customers!  They get direct interaction with product development, training staff, and other HSTpathways user.  This also help us to better understand our clients’ product and service needs and to provide the best training and support possible.  Our goal is not just to have clients but also create raving fans.

Login to the HSTpathways Community Portal for more information about the following upcoming FREE webinars:

  • Payer Contracts – 3/6/15 @ 1:00 PST
  • Electronic Remittance Advice – 4/3/15 @ 1:00 PST
  • “My Task” Workflow – 5/8/15 @ 1:00 PST
  • Inventory – 6/5/15 @ 1:00 PST
  • Scheduling Blocks – 7/10/15 @ 1:00 PST