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HSTpathways has a new website!

With fall weather heavy in the air and the leaves turning color, there is an ever present reminder of change.  Change keeps things fresh and new.  It reminds us that continuous transformation is necessary to grow and progress.  HSTpathways continues to embrace transformation, partnership, and innovation.   The latest initiative was to launch a new website for both our existing clients as well as for future customers to learn about what HSTpathways has to offer.  Additionally for our existing customers, they can now log into a secure portal via the website and find weekly free trainings for their staff, release notes, and post questions and answers to other HSTpathways users.  

Meeting the needs for you and your staff are the most important thing to us here at HSTpathways.   We invite you to take a look and the website and let us know what we can do to continue to serve the Ambulatory Surgery Center community.  Come be a part of it all!  We look forward to hearing from you.  

The HSTpathways Team