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Healthcare software platform engineered to evolve and grow as rapidly as your business needs

Healthcare software platform engineered to evolve and grow as rapidly as your business needs

HSTpathways ASC Surgery Center Software uses a powerful relational database and security driven system architecture to allow for easy end user access to valuable surgery center information while providing "One Click" IT security management and maintenance.

Whether you are an independent ASC with limited IT resources or a management company seeking a state of the art enterprise ASC software solution, HSTpathways is scalable and able to meet your technology needs.

ASC Cloud Computing Software

True natively secure Cloud Infrastructure

  • A state of the art implementation of security incorporating Microsoft's WSE 3.0 technology
  • All workstations are updated with the latest version of software when the user logs on – no clumsy handling of CD's required; enjoy the continued product enhancements
  • Very low bandwidth and network requirements because the CPU processing occurs on the user's PC, not the hosted server
  • Encrypted HL7 messaging allowing for use of the public internet Software Updates
HL7 interface engine

Built-in HL7 interface engine with robust capabilities

  • Proactive monitoring system for the HL7 messaging queue
  • Email notifications proactively letting the HSTpathways staff, the customer and/or other vendor know that the interfaces are not going through
  • When the internet comes back up, the monitoring tool will automatically resend the failed HL7 messages.
  • HST supports the following HL7 inbound and outbound interfaces: ADT, MFT (master file), SIU, ORM, ORU and DFT
  • Interface with your existing practice management system. Exchange inventory and update inventory (interface to IOS), clinical times, implant logs, plus others.
ASP Hosted Environment

ASP Hosted Environment

  • 99.999% uptime
  • Hosted data center designed with Raid Level 10 with SAN
  • Lower risk and ultimately lower cost
Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

  • Active Directory support
  • Simplify user logons, access rights and privileges
  • Complete control and compliance measures
Master Patient Index (MPI)

Master Patient Index (MPI)

  • Enterprise level with multiple surgery centers.
  • Accommodates outside Global Patient Indexes (GPI), in the case of health system EHRS.