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We focus on the details so you can focus on the process

Timely and accurate billing and collections can have a dramatic impact on the overall success of the surgery center. The details of payer contracts, billing designed to optimize the contractual reimbursement, and pre-billing claim checking are all fundamental to ensuring claims are paid upon the first submission.

Insurance claim denials are a way of life though. Having the tools to automate the task management workflow by routing tasks to the most proficient members of the staff can rapidly decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve outstanding balances. HSTpathways has a long history of effective revenue cycle management. The result is a solution with proactive tools that help management and staff with the following:

Real-time or batch insurance eligibility verification with our deep integration to the clearinghouse

Transparent workflow tracking to identify outstanding and missing data elements during charge entry

With only a few clicks electronic claims can be transmitted and electronic remittances can be posted

Automated task management for patient collections and insurance follow-up

Easy tools for estimating patient responsibility, reviewing patient balances, and resolving insurance issues

Integrated notes and communication tools for scheduling, registration and billing staff to communicate relevant patient financial details.

Management reporting tools for continuous process improvement