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Hospital-ASC Joint Ventures

Experts in connecting ASCs with Hospitals

Whether the ASC is 100% hospital owned or a Joint Venture agreement, ASCs have a unique advantage to help hospitals achieve their ACO, population health management, and reduced reimbursement challenges. Having the right software that allows both hospitals and ASC physicians to maintain transparency and control is the key to achieving win-win partnerships.

In the hospital environment, the best of breed approach is common because each specialty department has needs that the Enterprise EHR is not able to fulfill. Surgery Centers equally have their unique needs to run at optimum efficiency, profitability and maximum physician utilization. A traditional EHR alone is not able to meet those challenges in an ASC and must be supplemented by a specialized system that can easily handle block physician and physician group scheduling, implant ordering and tracking, case costing, inventory management, and state reporting requirements to name a few.

How can HSTpathways help Hospitals?

Hospital's EHR allows the hospital to continue to have to ownership over the patient data, the IT security, as well as the integrity of enterprise and HIE data sharing. HSTpathways leverages existing technology to enable hospitals to achieve a fully integrated healthcare system.

  • Industry leader in connecting ASCs to hospitals and large hospital networks
  • Seamless IT integration between the Surgery Center and the Hospital's existing EHR
  • Supported HL7 inbound and outbound interfaces: ADT, SIU, ORM, MFN, ORU and DFT
  • Support for Active Directory and Single Sign-on
  • Cloud-based architecture or traditional LAN for flexibility in the hospital's IT infrastructure

How can HSTpathways help Physicians and Management Companies?

  • Stand-alone surgery center software systems creates a bridge between the hospital and the operating agreement to maintain an impartial view of the facilities operations.
  • Transparency and control over the day-to-day operations of the ASC activities
  • Track revenue and profitability
  • Use HSTpathways for efficiency and streamlining
    • Material Management
    • Block Scheduling
    • Implant ordering and tracking
    • State reporting