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Corporate Management Companies

Providing Scalable Enterprise Software to ASC Corporate Management Companies

Would your management company like to deploy standards across the enterprise, take advantage of volume pricing and contracting, easily be able to evaluate profitability for physician distributions, eliminate unnecessary costs and increase the profitable case volume into centers? These are common requirements that our corporate customers require and HSTpathways provides. HSTpathways has an enterprise ASC software configuration and deployment model allowing multi-facility enterprises to easily add on new facilities and lower total cost of ownership. With HSTpathways, compliance, control and profitable outcomes are possible.

How can HSTpathways help your ASC Management Company?

  • Enterprise design can accommodate multiple facilities under common ownership and/or management.
  • Powerful relational database and security driven system architecture to allow for easy end user access to valuable surgery center information while providing “One Click” IT security management and maintenance.
  • Support for Active Directory and Single Sign-On which simplifies user logons, access rights, privileges and control and compliance measures.
  • Enterprise deployment that can simplify implementation logistics and lower IT costs (total cost of ownership)
  • A highly scalable application allowing practical fine tuning for outstanding performance even as the number of users and data grows.
  • Option to centralize Inventory Management across multiple facilities
  • Centralized database for facility configuration
  • Enterprise framework allowing you to impose “company standards and best practices” across all your sites.
  • Robust HL7 interface engine adhering to industry standards allowing you to exchange data with EHR vendors, Medical Distributors and many other solution providers to meet your organization's needs.
  • Connect with physicians through our mobile applications allowing physicians to see their surgery schedules in real time on their iPhones, Android phones, iPads.