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The Foundation for a Successful ASC

Developing and managing as ASC is no easy task. Many important decisions must be made and executed upon to ensure a successful project comes to completion and all parties are satisfied. HSTpathways understands the need for your facility to have a superior management information system with timely and accurate updates that allow you to constantly improve your business. HSTpathways will work with the development/management team to design a strategy to fit the needs of the facility before, during and after implementation of the software.

Eliminate the Fear of Transition

Transitioning to another software vendor can cause stress to the staff and has the potential of impacting cashflow. HSTpathways professional services team is highly skilled and has worked with hundreds of surgery centers to ensure a smooth and seemless transition of both software and clearinghouse. The results have been overwhelmingly successful and customers often comment that claims are paid faster and the A/R days have improved almost immediately.

Proven Success

HSTpathways’s professional services team will identify the goals of the facility and prepare a strategy for configuring and testing the hardware weeks before the facility opens. Training of the available staff for the facility can begin at this time via web based training, even if the staff is not yet on site at the facility. This process will enhance the user experience at the time of the facility opening and allow the HSTpathways training teams to offer a superior training regimen.

Contact us today to discover how HSTpathways has made this decision even easier and pain free.