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Frequently Asked Questions

How can technology help your facility?

  • What are some of the best technologies ASCs can acquire to increase efficiency?
    The future of ASC technology will embrace greater communication between doctors and patients, involving mobile devices and device integration with an EHR. Patients have become tech savvy and expect healthcare providers to use EHR and technology to diagnose and treat their issues. New technology not only improves patient experience, but allows for ASCs to increase efficiency by analyzing workflow and inventory.

    Some of the best technologies ASCs can utilize to increase efficiency include:

    • Cloud based software like HST that easily enables mobile technology
    • Patient monitor HL7 capabilities
    • EHR software like HSTeChart that allows for collaboration, speed and flexibility
    • Built-in tools that use custom reports, benchmarking, and inventory evaluations to analyze and target where efficiencies can be gained
    • Electronic claims, insurance verification, and electronic remittance
    • Patient responsibility estimator to predict high deductibles
  • Given limited resources, how can ASCs work new technology into the budget?
    • Utilize cloud based software like HST with predictable monthly fees to avoid big upfront costs or unexpected hardware replacement costs while instantly increasing data security, storage capacity, and workflow efficiencies.
    • Gain better inventory management to free up operational cash flow.
    • Replace desktops when necessary with tablets like the Surface Pro that can play a dual role as a desktop/tablet.
  • How can you monitor ROI with implementation of new technology at a center?
    Information Technology is an integral part of the cost of doing business by an ASC. Investments in IT allow an ASC to meet compliance, improve quality care, facilitate good work flows, and promote a better work environment.

    Thought put in on the front end will allow for better assessment of the ROI after. Establish an accurate accounting of the ASCs total cost of ownership.

    When implementing new technology, set goals and time frames to meet them. With data analytics, you have a true view of where you are. This allows you to target what needs to change and then benchmark against the data before each change.

    Evaluate why you want to implement new technology. Cost savings is only one component. Increasing your case volume, revenue, or physician recruitment will likely be more important features.

  • Does an EMR/EHR make sense for all ASCs?
    Certain specialties present better opportunities for efficiency with an EHR. Clinical documentation or charting is only one aspect of the workflow. How the electronic health record information integrates and interacts with the administrative aspects of an ASC information system is important as well. If you are a facility that does Plastics only or do not do any insurance billing, an advanced EHR software may not be a high priority.

    However, for many ASCs, EHR can greatly improve workflow.

    • Reduce paper use and chart storage needs.
    • Easily gather clinical data for new reports, state reports and regulatory reports.
    • Create consistency and efficiency.
    • Increase regulatory compliance with automated checking for chart completion.
    • Improve patient care and quality by providing alerts to personnel in real time and reducing the need for duplicate data entry, which can help decrease data entry errors.
  • How can ASC leaders get staff and physicians on board with new technology?
    Mobile technology has become integrated in our everyday lives, which increases the level of comfort most people have with new technology. More and more, patients are expecting new technology and younger physicians are demanding it.

    Adequate training will allow staff to see the benefits of new technology and reduce the fear of change. The best way to win support and adoption is to allow users (especially key users and influencers within an ASC) to experience what it would be like to chart without paper. No brochure or vendor demonstration can replace the personal comfort and relevance experienced by an end user.

    If there is a valid reason for the new technology, people are more likely to adopt it. Publicize the benefits and celebrate small successes during implementation. By publicizing the results and making them personal, staff will easily see the benefits of new technology.

  • What advice do you have for ASC leaders who are in the process of implementing new technology?
    • Staff adoption and acceptance goes from the top down.
    • Adequate planning and well laid out training with full management support will allow staff to train.
    • Take training seriously. Every person should be trained and required to practice and learn the new technology. Implement goals and a time frame to meet them.
    • Drill on what to do if the system or internet goes down. This reduces the fear of the unknown and prepares for any unexpected downtime.
    • Know your product. Be able to trouble shoot, or have an in-house expert of the new technology that can do onsite trouble shooting.
    • Utilize IT support that will be there for you and your staff when they need it.

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