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ASC Scheduling & Registration

In a fast paced surgery center, efficient scheduling can make the difference of providing your physicians with good service and great service. HSTpathways ease of navigation through the Scheduling and Registration process facilitates using the application to match users workflow instead of users needing to completely change their workflow to 'match' an application. This helps your staff quickly identify available surgery times and leverage physician blocks to the fullest.

  • Utilize auto or manual maintenance to create, maintain and release physician block times
  • Easily view 6 months scheduled cases at a glance
  • Automated scheduling tools to easily move cases on the schedule and/or rearrange cases by age
  • Automated Duplicate Patient and Appointment checking
  • Mark appointment as "Pending" to be confirmed at a later time
  • Built-in conflict checking rules for available rooms, resources and equipment for any given procedure
  • Configurable options to schedule surgery case using procedural durations or utilizing Surgeons average case times