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ASC Supply Chain Management

When every dollar counts, HSTpathways has supply chain management tools that provide the capabilities necessary to build and maintain optimal inventory levels. The cornerstone of supply chain management and case costing is providing simple to tools to easily build preference cards. Managing the ordering and receiving can be done with templates that allow for ad hoc edits and additions, even when items do not reside in the Item Master. HSTpathways provides the tools to evaluate case costing and evaluate critical trends impacting profitability.

  • Item master supports par levels, multi-vendor and multi-pricing, multi-dosage items, equipment, and consignment
  • Create purchase orders for supplies not in the item master
  • Electronic PO (EPO) interface with McKesson with “real time” acknowledgement
  • Rapid build and maintenance of Physician Preference Cards
  • Implant tracking and follow-up reporting
  • Supply usage and case costing analytics
  • On-time ordering utilizing par levels and scheduled cases
  • Equipment conflict checking and ability to track maintenance and service records