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ASC Billing Software

HSTpathways provides the peace of mind that every step of the process is complete and as accurate as possible for first claim submission reimbursement. The software is ICD-10 ready and able to work in environments requiring both ICD-9 and ICD-10. The software comes complete with a high level claims scrubber and a deep integration with the clearinghouse for insurance verification, claim submission and electronic remittance processing.

  • ICD-10 Compliant with the ability to select ICD-9 or ICD-10 as needed
  • Visual indicators for missing or incomplete claim data
  • Access to all areas of the patient account for easy coding and data entry
  • Provides claim summary and details on sent and unsent claims
  • Automated electronic claim submission (x.12 format – 837i and 837p) and Paper Claims (UB04, CMS0805 and CMS0212)
  • Intuitive patient statement generation with the ability to define parameters
  • Built-in claims scrubber for high level edits of missing data fields with ability to make necessary corrections
  • "One-click" charge reversals with the ability to delete incorrect CPT Codes
  • Comprehensive tools to create and maintain Payer Contracts