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Automating data sharing from the ASC to the Anesthesia Practice Management


HST anesthesia is a comprehensive anesthesia revenue cycle management software that encompasses all the features and functionality necessary to efficiently manage anesthesia billing for all service location settings.

Anesthesia billing has unique needs that are unlike ASC billing. HST anesthesia was developed to address those needs. As an anesthesia practice, the practice or provider may be dedicated to one service location or many locations that are in need of anesthesia services. HST anesthesia empowers the anesthesia entity to service as many locations desired by the organization, while still having maximum control over segmenting and reporting the receivables by service location and provider.

HST anesthesia was developed to work seamlessly with surgery centers that use HSTpathways ASC software or work independently from HSTpathways. The patient demographics, insurance, and available case data will transfer over to HST anesthesia. The data transfer virtually eliminates duplicate data entry errors and delays in billing. As an added bonus, the transfer of data can come from multiple HSTpathways ASC facilities. That means that Anesthesia practices that service 1 or 100 HST facilities can enjoy the same automated data transfer with little human intervention to get claims billed.

HST anesthesia takes the guess work out of quality reporting and makes the process easy. The quality reporting is incorporated into the workflow for quick and easy data export to the AQI anesthesia quality reporting registry or QCDR. No longer do anesthesia providers have to make the choice of suffering reimbursement penalties from Medicare or struggle to comply with the quality reporting requirements. Note: Providers still must complete the enrollment with the AQI registry to report quality measure data.

Complete Anesthesia Practice Management software solution

Equipping anesthesia entities with billing software tools to efficiently meet revenue cycle management and reporting needs

Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management

Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management

  • Single anesthesia entity servicing many locations
  • Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management for Registration, Billing, Collection, and Reporting
  • Split claim billing when multiple anesthesia providers are involved in single clinical case
  • Data transfer from HSTpathways eliminating duplicate data entry errors and billing delays
  • Transfer data from one or multiple HST facilities
Anesthesia Provider Credentialing

Anesthesia Provider Credentialing

  • Hold claims pending insurance/provider contracting
  • Easily release claims during next claim generation once a provider is credentialed
  • Track held claims pending provider credentialing
Anesthesia Specific Reporting

Anesthesia Specific Reporting

  • PQRS and/or ASA measure data capture incorporated into the workflow
  • Easy data export as a qualified registry (PQRS measures only) or as a QCDR (PQRS and ASA measures) to the American Quality Institute (AQI)
  • Industry best practices reports with flexible user-defined selection and sorting

How HST anesthesia leverages HST pathways

One anesthesia entity can service, bill, and report on many service locations

Easy training and adoption between HSTpathways and HST anesthesia

PQRS anesthesia specific registry data capture and reporting

Built to leverage the HSTpathways architecture for security, scalability, and reliability

Uses the same cloud-based technology to eliminate the need for onsite servers

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