One system to run and grow your ASC.

HST Pathways delivers the flexibility to meet your unique needs, while enabling superior patient experiences.

HST Pathways was created from a deep understanding of the need for ASCs to increase efficiency, fuel growth, and deliver better care to patients.

We began with a robust architecture and approach that would allow us to create purpose-built cloud deployments of practice management capabilities that never break and always scale. We call it the Health Systems and Technologies Foundation—and it underlies all our software solutions.

Over more than 15 years, the company has evolved in step with the changing needs of ASCs. HST One drives productivity and allows our clients to deliver superior patient experiences—and we work in partnership with those clients to ensure they can continue to introduce innovation to meet future needs.

To be clear, our solutions are not the cheapest on the market. That has never been our objective. Instead, we focus on delivering exceptional ROI: market-leading uptime, practical, easy-to-use functionality, and—at 97 percent—a client-retention rate second to none.