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How well you manage your block time scheduling has a direct impact on maximizing your OR time and generating revenue for your ASC. So, how does your ASC stack up? Take the quiz to find out! Read through the seven questions below, keep track of your answers as you go, and receive immediate results.


1. How does your facility record a recurring block time schedule?

A. We do not record recurring block times

B. Write it on a piece of paper or white board

C. Put it within a spreadsheet or word doc and keep it updated all the time

D. Put it in an automated application that supports seamless block management (i.e. edits and changes), and allows me to manage blocks by month, week, or day so I can see everything on one screen.


2. How does your facility share each physician’s block time with their respective physician practice?

A. We do not share each physician’s block time with respective practices

B. Fax/email the schedule to offices

C. Utilize a sharable service or calendar application to update offices (i.e. outlook)

D. Put it in an automated system that shows physician offices the block schedule in a HIPAA compliant way, which allows them to see real time updates.


3. How does your facility remind your physician practices of unused block time their physician(s) have coming up?

A. We do not remind our physician practices of unused block time their physicians have coming up.

B. Email/call office schedulers separately to remind them

C. We have a system that allows the offices to see their unused blocks, so we remind them with a phone call / email to fill it before releasing it to others.

D. Have a system that tracks unused block time to send automated reminders based on the facility’s standard policy (i.e. 48-hour rule) before automatically releasing the block and allowing others to book within it.


4. Most facilities have a standard policy for the number of days prior to the Day of Service unused block time is released/let-go-of—Tell me about yours.

A. We don’t have a policy.

B. We have a policy, but it’s rarely enforced, as we don’t have a seamless process to communicate the unused time, so no one uses it anyway.

C. We have a policy that we follow where we release the unused time. We manually communicate by email/phone call open time to the offices if we can.

D. We have a strict policy that releases unused blocks, and our facility does everything we can to fill the unused time before the Day of Service.


5. How does your facility share unused OR time with some or all your physician practices?

A. We don’t share unused OR time with physician practices

B. Manually see where the open OR time is and call/email each individual office

C. We have an application that allows the offices to see unused OR time on our schedule, but it’s up to the physician practices to actively reach out and schedule the time.

D. We use an application that automatically pulls all the open time from the schedule and sends open OR availability via email to offices so they can reserve time directly through the email.


6. How does your facility track overall OR utilization?

A. We don’t track OR utilization

B. We keep an excel file updated, but this can be tedious and oftentimes lacks accuracy

C. We pull reports from our Practice Management system (i.e. Advantx, HST) and analyze via excel

D. We have a system that tracks it for us! It takes into account block releases/edits and turnover time, which minimizes further excel work.


7. How do your physician practices book cases outside of their assigned block time?

A. They do not typically book cases outside of their block time

B. They call/email our facility scheduler to see if there is open availability

C. We have a system that allows the offices to see where there is open time, and they typically fax over a booking sheet to claim the spot.

D. We have a system that allows offices to see open time outside of their assigned blocks where they can schedule cases with attached documents electronically.