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Consumers expect a seamless online experience for everything that they do. They want to be able to manage their responsibilities from their phone, and these expectations do not change when it comes to medical care.

Offering your patients the option to complete their pre-visit screening and registration online has become virtually non-negotiable. Patients anticipate receiving an email or text with online forms that they can complete from the comfort of their home and at a time that’s convenient for them. With Simple Admit Pre-Assessment, you can exceed these patient expectations while improving efficiencies for your staff and your facility’s bottom line.

Benefits for Patients

  • Patients can complete the intake questionnaire anytime, anywhere
  • Increased convenience = improved patient satisfaction
  • Patients can easily update their information anytime for future visits, avoiding redundant phone interviews
  • Improved communication will lead to better patient awareness and compliance
  • Forms are available in multiple languages

Benefits for Staff & ASC

  • Simplify workflows — manage all facets of the pre-admissions process from one place
  • Significantly reduce phone time for nurses (no more phone tag or lengthy calls!)
  • Receive accurate and thorough patient information in a timely fashion to avoid costly OR cancellations
  • Staff can securely report, edit, manage, print, or export the patient data into an EMR
  • Substantial cost-savings

What Makes Simple Admit Pre-Assessments Unique?

  • Fully customizable solution with industry-leading patient compliance
  • All aspects of patient pre-visit screening and registration are built-in
  • Supporting solutions to help fill in any gaps on the patient or staff side
  • Our clients experience 71% patient compliance nationwide.


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