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ASC Surgery Software Suite

ASC Surgery Software Suite

HSTpathways is a comprehensive ASC Surgery Software System that encompasses all of the features and functionality needed to efficiently operate an outpatient surgery center.

HST has chosen HSTpathways™ as the name of our entire suite of outpatient solutions. The name HSTpathways is meant to reflect the dedication to ensuring that our solutions and services are always guiding our partners towards a more successful business model. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver reliable software that enables continuous process improvements, maximum profitability, and consistent quality outcomes. We specialize in interoperability and adhere to industry standard so that our customers are boundless and able to connect seamlessly to other vendors or affiliated hospitals in a secure way.



HSTpathways offers a full suite of software solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The full suite of solutions has a cloud-based architecture which offers a stable, reliable environment that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

HSTpathways ASC Software

HST pathways ASC Surgery Software system encompasses all of the features and functionality needed to efficiently operate an outpatient surgery center. The application includes surgical scheduling, supply chain management, insurance and patient billing, accounts receivable collections, and state reporting.

HST anesthesia Billing Software

HST anesthesia practice management software specifically designed for practice revenue cycle management. HST anesthesia can accommodate all of the billing, collections, and quality reporting requirements and seamlessly works in concert with HST pathways ASC software to maximize data sharing and rapid anesthesia billing.

HST eChart ASC EHR software

HST eChart ASC EHR software offers real-time data sharing, flexible configuration, true concurrent charting, chart completion status, consistent navigation, and optimized clinical practice. Collaboration, speed, and flexibility are the pillars of HST eChart designed entirely for the Ambulatory Surgery Center setting.

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